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Follow Dawne & Bill on their journey
towards road adventures in retirement
and generational living.

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Life is, if nothing else, a journey of twists and turns, of unexpected moments, of opportunities disguised as challenges. We are not alone in dipping into the creativity box in response to life. Presented herein is just one of our many out-of-the-box endeavors and adventures.

No, not McDonalds [this picture is a tease], revelations will be coming as we go. Although it can be said that our journey began when the both of us chose to work here as teenagers. With an extraordinary amount of good luck and timing we met, friended, fell in love, and married. But that’s another story for another time and place.

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This Journal focuses in on our Thor manufactured camper trailer.

Note: A sister website is created to journal our experiences with the Chevy Suburban we purchased as the Trailers tow buddy. That blog is currently on Facebook as a public group – linked as Club Suburban – 2004 1500 LS

…along the way

About Us

We are your common, every day senior citizens. The quite majority that worked long hours over many many years. Raised our kids who now have their own. Enjoy our grandchildren immensely. Not without challenges in life, we took an unanticipated, unmapped road wanting to enjoy our late years while living large on a very small budget. Read more

Sharing our Journey


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